Human Language: Assignment #2

for Peer-reviewed Assignment #2 Neal J. King
Transcription: from

0:00 Scene 1: The Restaurant
0:03 Son (Jody): Well, that was great!
0:05 Father (Neal): Well, nothing is too good for my son. And here’s the bill, let’s see…
Ooh, but uh, well, we knew it was going to be high. That’s ok, it’s my treat.
0:16 Father: Um, hmm, except umm …
Where’s my wallet? I must have left it at home, um… Shoot, I don’t have any money to pay the bill!
0:27 Son: Oh, that’s really unlike you.
0:29 Father: Yeah, it’s dumb
I must have gotten distracted by the last minute phone call Oh darn it, umm
0:35 Father: Jody, can you cover it for now?
I’ll pay you back as soon as we see each other on Wednesday
0:42 Son: Ok, alright alright, sure
Do you know if they take credit cards?
0:48 Father: Uh, no, cash only.
0:55 Son: Well that’s ok, I can get the money from the ATM [Automatic Teller Machine]…around the corner
Just stay here so that they don’t think that we’re running out without paying.
Watch my stuff, ok?
1:05 Father: I’ll be right here

[10 minutes later]

1:08 Father: Oh, there you are.
1:10 Son: Oh, uh. You know…
You know, the strangest thing happened!
I lost my wallet!
1:17 Father: What?!?!

1:19 Son: Yeah, I, uh, I went to get money and I lost my wallet…

1:22 Father: Oh, now what are you gonna do?
1:24 Son: Now we’re gonna have to sneak out!
1:25 Father: Hahaha
1:26 Son: Just kidding, I got my wallet. Here it is
1:29 Father: Okay.


1:31 Scene 2: The Wedding
1:35 Staff (Jake): Hey Jim, I need to talk with you about something.
1:38 Manager (Jim): What’s up?
1:40 Staff: I need a favor. My best friend from high school is getting married in three weeks,
1:45 Staff: and I kind of, need to be there. I need that Wednesday off.
1:51 Manager: The whole day? Why the whole day?
1:55 Staff: Well, the wedding is out of town
and I still have a few vacation days left…
2:00 Manager: Well, you should have told me weeks ago… but anyway, it wouldn’t make any difference.
Look, you know we have a deadline on Project 5
for that Friday. Project 5 is a kind of “make or break it” for the company.
2:12 Manager: If we don’t meet that deadline,
you don’t have a job, and I don’t have a job.
2:17 Staff: But I still have vacation time left…
2:22 Manager: Yeah and I have lots of vacation time, you know, that I haven’t taken either.
2:26 Manager: Look, you know, take that time after the deadline. We can’t afford any risk on this project.
2:32 Staff: Okay.


2:36 Scene 3: The Party
2:38 Caller (Jake): Hello Jim? It’s Jake, your neighbor.
2:42 Host (Jim): Oh hi Jake!
2:44 Caller: Listen, you know, I’m sorry I missed your party yesterday… How did everything go?
2:49 Host: Oh, uh, everything went great, a lot of people showed up. We had hamburgers on the grill, and lots of beer.
Too bad you couldn’t come.
2:57 Caller: Well, I had a tough week, to be honest, I was totally wiped out on Friday. I pulled two “all-nighters” last week, and I haven’t done that since graduate school.
3:05 Caller: So it completely slipped my mind.
3:09 Host: Phew, must be rough!
3:11 Caller: Well, anyway, it was such a great idea to host a housewarming party, you know, to introduce yourself to the neighborhood like that.
3:20 Host: Yeah! It was fun, it worked out.
3:23 Caller: Well, you know, if you throw another party,
I’ll be sure to come, I’ll bring a few bottles of wine.
3:29 Host: Ah! That sounds great, it’s a done deal! 3:32 Caller: Alright, see you later!
3:35 Host: Alright…bye Jake


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